What we do


Thanks to our industrial knowledge, our extensive strategic partner linkages and experience in working with startups and 20+ accelerators, incubators and scientific & research parks of various kind in EMEA, NA, LATAM and APAC region we are able to:

  • Support with the design and implementation of successful acceleration and incubation programs
  • Deliver targeted growth and financial oriented services by leveraging incubated startups hidden value in order to enable these to access both investors and markets and thus become profitable

Business support Ecosystem

Incubators & S.T. Parks

We support innovation centers enhance and set up and run well structured, customized acceleration and entrepreneurship programs for startups and scaleups, well connected with the major innovation ecosystems at international level.

Startups & New Businessess

We have a set of both standard and customized mentoring and support packages with different levels of involvement based on existing program structures and specific mentoring & advisory needs

Fundraising & Go-to-Market

Incubators & S.T. Parks

In order to facilitate access to funding and market entry to startups we both scout all public and private ongoing calls and design and support the implementation of tailored:

  • roadshows
  • investor days
  • open innovation marching programs
both live and offline – profiling and views based on a continuous process view.


We offer suitable tailored soft advice to startups for developing both market testing and market entry strategies and funding roadmaps. With extensive strategic partner linkages and experience within the innovation ecosystems at international level we can support startups as well in their fundraising and market entry processes via a dedicated customized approach.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Globalization brought a wide variety of markets that companies can be focusing on, but given the limited resources and the specific variables of the products and services provided, only a subset of these markets make sense to be targeted. By analyzing and comparing market and industry structures, buying behavior, competition, barriers to entry, infrastructure, easiness of distribution and expected cost structures and investments we are able to provide an idea of which geographical markets or areas you could be focusing on.

International Growth Strategy

We support companies to define a solid go-to-market strategy, by matching the strategic goals of the company with the structure and specifications of the target markets. From strategic partnerships enabling distribution or export of products and services, through the direct market entry by the creation of a foreign entity, representative office and/or manufacturing facility, to strategic merger & acquisition and investments. When considering options we analyze the risk-reward structure and consider the initial business and financial variables of the company into account, in order to rule out non-suitable strategies.

International Growth Business Planning

Based on the go-to-market strategies we produce a complete set of business and financial plans including income statement and cash flow projections, KPIs and metrics and cost structure calculations which are the basis for the go/no- go decision making and provide a clear idea of the upside potential in the target market versus the needed investments and resources in a given timeline. In case the company is developing the internationalization plan for raising external funding to support the growth strategy, we can support in providing additional support in preparing specialist and niche plans with additional analyses and information.


We support SMEs and Corporations in defining international growth opportunities and tapping into both developed and markets globally

Investment & Fundraising

We partner with entrepreneurs to assist them with their capital raises and with investments they envisage to carry out by leveraging Intrinisic Value. We provide non-discretionary impact investment advisory for both institutional clients seeking customized impact portfolios and entrepreneurs aiming to leverage impacts arising from business projects developed.

M&A Joint Venture Strategic Alliance

E-Q provides a wide range of valuable corporate finance services: M&A advice, including sell-side advice, buy-side advice, cross border M&A and more complex merger transactions (e.g. carve-outs). Our perimeter encompasses a full range of transactions, including large private equity / venture capital, institutional and private debt, equity fundraising, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, spin-offs, divestitures and other restructurings. We prepare our clients to a unique range of potential investor / target opportunities and our processes and approach are structured in line with core goals set by our Clients.

Equity investors, Private Debt, Banks, Facilitated Finance, Fintech

E-Q works closely with companies, investors, financial sponsors and governments to originate, structure and execute equity and debt financings and to combine various forms of finance. Fundraising engagements are supported by leveraging our vast network of quality relationships across APAC region, Europe, US, UK and Russia to advise on the best strategic options and the most appropriate forms of financing for our Clients including trade and strategic investors.


Investors increasingly recognize the potential of investment capital to reach corners of the market that grants and government policies do not. While facilitated finance remains most used financing resource oriented towards impact driven investment initiatives, it is not enough. Businesses, entrepreneurs and informal investors can represent new sources of investment. E-Q’s team works to engage more investors in the space by partnering closely with several institutional associations and facilitating operators (e.g. Financial Consultants, Lawyers, Wealth Management departments) to develop strategies and approaches that work for them like adapting ESG, SDG, SRI goals & Criterias into specific dashboards, measuring investment sustainability, efficacy & impacts and sourcing potential impact investments.

Corporate & SMEs

We develop and enhance sustainability value of projects in order to be in line with well known investment strategies. Strategies adopted include sourcing patient, flexible, and creative capital within overlooked themes and geographies that seek to achieve the appropriate financial return for the intended impact. In addition to leverage sutainable value of projects developed by our Clients, we support in measuring and reporting non-financial outcomes

SMEs Development

Enterprises are the key to sustainable economic growth and prosperity in developed as well as in developing and transition countries. SMEs hold the majority proportion in terms of number of people employed, export earnings and overall number of businesses. Thus, SME support is a priority in the development strategies of many governments around the world. Since beneficial general framework conditions alone are not sufficient to boost economic growth, an increasing number of countries provide institutional support for SMEs by establishing agencies and business centers. These organisations offer advice and training to SMEs, preparing them for international competition and thereby ensuring the development of successful SME clusters.

Public-Private Partnership

Public-Private Partnerships are forms of cooperation between public authorities and private economic operators. These cooperation-arrangements range from loose and rather informal nature, to strategic partnerships and formal joint venture companies, aimed at funding, constructing, renovating and/or operating an infrastructure and thereby providing a service that traditionally is provided by the public sector alone. Major reasons for the emergence of Public Private Partnership schemes are budgetary constraints of public authorities, which can benefit from private sector know-how. It allows governments to provide modern, high-quality economic systems, public infrastructure and services for its citizens. Partnerships are also a sign for the changing role of the State in the economy, moving from being the direct operator towards the role of organiser, regulator and controller.

District Development

We cooperate and create an ecosystem and the entire supply chain for local governments, with the aim of achieving economic growth and development in the specific territories designated. On behalf of investment funds, local Governments and Companies in the territories we represent, we scout for established companies, incubator start-ups and innovative ideas, with the aim of creating joint ventures or M&A opportunities.


We are a government representative agency for development cooperation,we work with officials from all levels of national governments and international agencies on a wide variety of policy issues. We help the public sector to play a prominent role in enabling economic growth and supporting social responsibility.

Business Intelligence

We help entrepreneurs and executives develop new projects and manage and improve business operations and transactions by leveraging value and improving its cost competitiveness proficiently. By understanding a Company's current position and its governances strategies and future goals, we enable to bridge gaps by focusing on tailored analyses finalized at value-driven action plans and roadmaps, and put organizations in a position of leadership and scalable growth.

Strategy & Business Plan

  • Budgeting & Business Planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial analyses & reporting
  • Market research & Business Insights
  • Top management dashboard, mngt control system
  • Strategic planning
  • «Linking-dots"reports and Micro-segments mkt analyses
  • Competitors analyses and profiling
  • Business model and pricing strategy definition
  • Go-to market strategy and market testing strategy

Transaction Services

  • Budgeting & Business Planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial analyses & reporting
  • Market research & Business Insights
  • Top management dashboard, mngt control system
  • Strategic planning
  • «Linking-dots"reports and Micro-segments mkt analyses
  • Competitors analyses and profiling
  • Business model and pricing strategy definition
  • Go-to market strategy and market testing strategy

Business & Financial Re-engineering

  • Buy side Due Diligence
  • Sell side, vendor Due Diligence
  • Pre-lending simulation & review
  • Tailored Commercial and Operational Due Diligence
  • Due Diligence Checklists
  • Integration & Carve out analyses
  • Non-statutory audit testing (agreed upon procedures)
  • Impact performance assessments
  • Preparation of documentation and processes set-up
  • Executive risk summary and analysis
  • Post-transaction services